The Movie Marmoset

I can’t pretend I have a big film CV about which to wax lyrically – however I did direct this short for BBC2 – Boom Boom Clap – written by Caroline Loncq, produced by Diane Whitley, with the wonderful Roger Bonnici behind the camera – and starring Sarah Beauvoisin as a shy young woman in search of a light, who discovers a whole new world that lights up her life. It was shot on Super 16 – that’s celluloid folks!! – and also comes from an age when it was still legal to smoke in clubs.  It premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival as the support short for East Is East and played in Cannes and a variety of other short film festivals where it would usually come fourth or fifth.  If you have a spare eight minutes you can watch by Boom Boom Click-ing here. 

Sarah Beauvoisin in Boom Boom Clap

Sarah Beauvoisin in Boom Boom Clap (Photo by Matt Gartside)

Another Marmoset movie curiosity is this short film wot I wrote based on a topical Radio Drama commissioned by Radio 4 during the 2010 General election.  I was approached by an enthusiastic young director, Alexander Thompson, who had heard the play as a teenager and wanted to commit it to virtual celluloid. It’s predicated on the idea of a man slipping through a wormhole from another reality where Tony Blair had been the Tony Blair he promised to be and has kept the UK out of the Iraq War… and then it turns out that there are clones of the same man slipping through from other, more sinister, universes. Check out The Name of the Prime Minister here… although be warned, it has a somewhat abrupt conclusion as Alex only filmed the first two acts… but he did it with a good deal of skill, and it features the amazing Adjoa Andoh (soon to be seen in Netflix costume drama Bridgerton) in the lead role.

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 11.54.09
One day I must make another film….

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