About the Ninja Marmoset….

I’m a writer for TV, radio and theatre. I direct and produce… teach a bit. I’ve even made the odd short film. If you listen to BBC Radio drama at all then you are bound to have heard some of my plays (and if you haven’t then there are some links to sites where you can download them via my Radio Page). If you’re a regular viewer of Holby City, Casualty or Emmerdale, you have seen my work. I started out in theatre as an actor, musician and director – working at Nottingham Playhouse, The Young Vic, West Yorkshire Playhouse and dozens of other companies – and then fell out of love with it for nearly twenty years. Recently, I found my theatre mojo again – it was down the back of the sofa – so these days I’m mixing it up a bit, working in all my disciplines across all three media (or is it mediums??), across all the different genres, and trying to find a few more before I keel over. I like to rant a bit about politics, and dissect the shows and movies and programmes I see, which helps when I do odd bits of reviewing for the radio and such like.

If you want to catch my latest episode of BBC’s Holby City… it’s called ‘Ache’ and it features stand out performances from Rosie Marcel and Olga Fedori as sparring cardio thoracic surgeons. It’s an unusual episode because there is little Grand Guignol and no-one dies – relying instead on some well rounded character based story telling (and it passes the Bechdel Test)…. and I’m rather proud of it.

…or if radio’s your bag then you might have caught some of Glenda Jackson making her return to acting in the 27 part adaptation of Emile Zola: Blood, Sex & Money on BBC Radio 4 – which won Best Adaptation at the 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards…


Sir Lenny Henry & Tom Goodman-Hill make the presentation

– and if not that then the recent ten part epic series of Stone for which I penned the two series openers – which picked up Best Radio Drama at the 2019 Writers Guild Awards…

screenshot 2019-01-16 at 17.29.10

…or even the five part series First World Problems which imagined civil war breaking out in the UK some time in the next five years.


But if you missed all those then do check out Season Eight of Stone, available on the BBC iPlayer/Sounds for a few more weeks…

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